Saturday, October 28, 2006

Only steps from the big day!

And to continue the marathon of blog posts....

I met Ruth and Adam at Union Square for their engagement shots on Tuesday. The weather had cleared up, but a brisk wind had also blown in. Not to worry, Ruth was prepared with a pair of cute pink gloves and a matching scarf. :) This year is flying by, I can't believe it has been 3 months since we last chatted at her cousin Maggie's wedding.

Here are a few shots from the shoot - only steps away from where they met, and right next door to the W hotel where they have the big day planned.

Make sure to click here for their slideshow.

I love sax!

This has been a crazy few weeks - engagement sessions, party planning (more on that later), weddings, and mid-week trips to Disney (more on that later, too.)

All of my engagement sessions are done weather permitting. This way even if your wedding day (Go- forbid!) is rainy, you can still have some fabulous NYC shots. On Monday, I met Julie and Robert up in Central Park. We were a little worried about the weather, but with their wedding just around the corner we decided to go for it.

I saw this sax player last week in the same spot, so I decided to use him again for the perfect addition to the Central Park background.

I am looking forward Julie and Robert's wedding on New Year's eve! What a great way to start off the new year! They are a fun couple who I know are going to have an incredible wedding/New Year's gala. I also want to thank Jennifer Davis for joining us, can't wait to see your shots too! Make sure to check out her blog here.

....and for the best part - Julie and Robert's slideshow

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We are fam-il-ly!

This weekend I had the honor to photograph Carey Anne and Chris' wedding out at the Glasbern Inn. What a beautiful place only 90 minutes from NYC - fortunately, I had Jennifer Davis along with me for the ride.

Carey Anne greeted us with HUGE hugs that nearly knocked us off our feet. These hugs continued throughout the entire day with EVERY guest she saw. Of course it made for good pictures too. :)

The ceremony was truly a family affair. Renae, Matty, Joel and Phoebe all walked down the aisle - followed by Nathaniel, Carey Anne and Chris. Just before the ceremony, Chris' father (who was also the officiant) let me know he was going to surprise her with a diamond ring so I would not miss the shot. Check out images #29 and #30 in the slideshow to see her reaction. At the end of the ceremony Jennifer looked at me and said "Are you OK?" I said "yea, I cant stop crying!", it truly was a touching moment.

This is their family picture --

Click here for Carey Anne and Chris' Slideshow.

And - don't forget to vist Jennifer's blog for more of her shots. Thanks so much for joining me, it was awesome working with you!

I am leaving early tomorrow morning to join them in Orlando while they are on their "family-moon" at Disney. They have planned an evening in the park and asked me if I could join them to shoot some pictures. I cant wait to meet Mickey! :) Check back for those pics soon!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Whew. I think we just made it!

Last week Beth called me and asked if I could squeeze them in for their engagement shoot. Fortunately, I had some time to sneak out with them!

Beth wanted to wear this awesome dress, and with the weather changing so quickly this might have been the last chance for the year.

Whew. I think we just made it!

Check it out - Beth and Tim's slideshow.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Teresa and George - Tavern on the Green.

Teresa has been sooo patient waiting for this slideshow. I have been teasing her with emails saying, "I don't want to get you excited but, THESE PICTURES ARE OFF THE HOOK!" :) The wait is over! Here is a link to their slideshow, I hope you like them as much as I do.

Teresa and George

BIG thanks again to Brian Dorsey, and Tom Weis for helping me get those "OFF THE HOOK SHOTS!"

This is my favorite photo from their wedding, which one is yours?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nice meeting you Becca, Gavin and Brittany (again!)

Yesterday I met TJ Cameron in the west village for an impromptu bridal shoot. About ten minutes into the shoot I ask Britney, "I'm sorry what was your name again?" She looks at me and says, "It's Britney, and WE HAVE MET BEFORE!" I felt like a giant DORK! :) I turned bright red and apologized.

Of course it would have been nice if TJ would have let me know she was coming. Thanks dude. :)

Here's a link to our last meeting with Mike Colon when he was in town.

The gowns are from Marianne Lanting Bridal, and the jewelry is from Michelle Miller of MMM Jewelry designs - thank you Marianne and Michelle for lending us the beautiful gowns and accessories.

Finally - I want to thank Gavin who helped us lug clothing, camera bags and monopods all over town! TJ - thanks so much for inviting me along, it was so much fun having you here in the city. Hope you come back soon, and I look forward to visiting you on the west coast!

Nancy and Chris - Tappan Hill

Sunday morning I had opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding at Tappan Hill with Shari and Josh Silk.

If you have never been there the views overlooking the Hudson river are spectacular! Fortunately, it was a nice day - a little chilly, but with a view like that staying warm was easy!

Here are a few shots from Nancy and Chris' wedding.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Wise, compassionate, ambitious, and incredibly talented are just a few words I can use to describe Joe Busssink.

I am back from spending 4 days @ his workshop. I knew I would come home inspired by him and my new friends who were also at the workshop. (More on them later because I can't say enough about them!) I am not sure how, but Joe touched each one of us individually. And in speaking with the gang before leaving, I know we will each benefit from Joe's tutelage in ways that haven't even sunk in yet.

On the first day of shooting, he told us that we were only allowed to bring one lens with us. I have to admit I said to myself "Is this guy for real? I just spent $xxxx dollars on a shooting workshop and he tells me I can only use one lens!?" :) I was floored!

I decided to take his "challenge" and use it as best I could. I grabbed the most difficult lens for the situation, and off we went.... About 10 minutes into arriving at our location I sighed to myself thinking my lens choice was going to be a disaster. Here is a shot of Joe (taken by Melissa Schwartz - Thanks!) giving me a little encouragement.

At the end of the day, I was really happy with my decision.

Feeling inspired by having to "see" differently, I decided to really try to push myself again on Day 2. I took the shortest lens I had (which is the complete opposite of the previous day). Here are a few of those shots...

On my way home I was thinking that if I had to come up with one word to describe what I came away with - it would have to be VISION. The ablity to "see" in different ways - in our photography, our businesses and our lives.

Thanks Joe!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Joe Bussink Workshop

I will be in Stowe, VT this week attending a private workshop hosted by wedding photographer to the stars, Joe Bussink. I am so excited to meet and learn from Joe, not to mention a week in Vermont during peak foliage!

I was honored to be asked to join this group of fabulous photographers from around the country. I will be posting images when (and if there is internet access) I have a chance.

Check out this group of awesome photographers blogs and websites! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this week!

Jim Cook - Thanks for organizing this!!

Luke Walker - of course if you read my blog, you know he has become a regular. :)

Alisha Nelson

TJ Cameron

Frank DiMeo

Garrett Nudd

Regis Chen

Lori Creech

Scott Watt

Melissa Schwartz

Kim Jarman

The Barnaby train!

Yesterday while taking pictures of Sara getting ready, we watched and discussed the rapidly changing weather. The wind was blowing quite hard and the sky was gloomy with ominous clouds rolling by. I told Sara that a cloudy day was actually great for pictures and that the weather forecast was predicting for a nicer (partly sunny) day.

Sara then said, "Jason, I'm not worried, I am on the Barnaby train!" Of course I needed more details...

She explained that when the "chips were down", Barnaby always managed a sunny outlook, aka "The Barnaby Train". :) For example, when Sara voiced her concern for the weather earlier in the week, Barnaby turned to her and said, "Sara, it doesn't rain on the Barnaby train! Are you sure you're on the right train?" :)

No sooner did Sara finish her story - the clouds started to blow out and blue skies opened up! After the ceremony while riding in the limo with newlyweds, I joked about how great the weather was on "The Barnaby Train." Sara said, "Barnaby promised the weather would be beautiful and I never doubted it for a minute." Smiling, I turned to Barnaby and said, "In all the years I have been shooting weddings, you have pulled the greatest Joe Namath of wedding days by guaranteeing the weather." :) True to his word, the rest of the day was a beautiful October New York day!

Sara and Barnaby - since your engagement shoot, I have had a blast working with both of you. Your infectious laughter and great attitude towards life is inspiring. We really had a great time yesterday - don't forget to send some pictures from Bali!! Have a great time!

BIG time thank you to Carlos and Jeff for their help yesterday - you guys are the best! I must have had a dozen people approach me with compliments about how great you were.

Be sure to check out Jeff's blog and Carlos' blog for more of Barnaby and Saras' pictures.

Here are just a few teasers...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Laura and Sierra rock the Poconos!

Think orange, lime green, and apple martinis on a veranda - a tent filled with orange Chinese lanterns on a river, and an old school hiphop party. That describes Laura and Sierra's wedding.

Laura - who is also an awesome wedding photographer let me have total control, which to be honest made me a little nervous. But - based on her comment, I think I did OK. Here is a link to their slideshow! :) Let me know what YOU think!!

Laura and Sierra rock the Poconos

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Go see Open Season!

My friend Dave is the king of the shameless plugs. :) I know he reads my blog pretty regularly so I thought I help him out "spreading the word". :) Here is his last email:

(shameless plug.)

Tell your friends to go see Open Season this weekend. Fun movie &
great visuals. Look for Apryl's HUGE credit at the end. Annnnnd, as
an added bonus, you can get a sneak peak at of my current project,
Surf's Up.

go here for more info:

OK - so now if you were looking for a reason to see the movie, now you can say you know two of the artists! I will probably sneak out this week if anyone want to join me for a matinee.

Seriously though, I am proud of you man! It feels like just yesterday when we were all commuting into the city lugging our art supplies for school. :)

And one more shameless plug.

This one is for my friend Dan Havlik.

Dan Havlik is writer and editor in the photo industry who has written profiles of the some of the country's leading professional commercial and wedding photographers. He recently launched his own freelance writing company called "Havlik Industries" and currently writes for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites covering everything from reviews of the latest digital cameras, camcorders and printers, to technology trend pieces and general assignment feature stories on creative professionals. Some of his work is featured on his newly launched website:

Havlik Industries

It is always fun hanging out with him because he is usually sporting the newest gadget he needs to write about. From cameras that can go underwater to discussions about the newest software. I know a few of my clients are in the "technology" business, so if you need a good writer - Dan's the man! :)

Of course, these shots of my friend Dan Derella (Photos taken by Dan Havlik) are priceless from Dan's last article.

Of course, I think Derella has the coolest job of them all. He works for the associated press in their sports department. He has had the opportunity to travel all over the world covering sports events. Here are a few shots he sent us from the World cup in Germany this summer. Now that is a BIG lens!

I should also give him credit for my "big lens" shot, which, in my opinion every photographer needs. :) Thanks Dan!