Saturday, October 28, 2006

I love sax!

This has been a crazy few weeks - engagement sessions, party planning (more on that later), weddings, and mid-week trips to Disney (more on that later, too.)

All of my engagement sessions are done weather permitting. This way even if your wedding day (Go- forbid!) is rainy, you can still have some fabulous NYC shots. On Monday, I met Julie and Robert up in Central Park. We were a little worried about the weather, but with their wedding just around the corner we decided to go for it.

I saw this sax player last week in the same spot, so I decided to use him again for the perfect addition to the Central Park background.

I am looking forward Julie and Robert's wedding on New Year's eve! What a great way to start off the new year! They are a fun couple who I know are going to have an incredible wedding/New Year's gala. I also want to thank Jennifer Davis for joining us, can't wait to see your shots too! Make sure to check out her blog here.

....and for the best part - Julie and Robert's slideshow


Anonymous julie said...

Jason, We LOVE the shots....thanks for doing a great job, especially capturing the beauty of Central Park on a Fall day. -Julie and Robert

11:51 AM  
Blogger JenDavis said...

Jasin, I love the slideshow! You beat me on this one.. I'll be sure to get some shots up tomorrow!

9:02 AM  

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