Sunday, October 01, 2006

Go see Open Season!

My friend Dave is the king of the shameless plugs. :) I know he reads my blog pretty regularly so I thought I help him out "spreading the word". :) Here is his last email:

(shameless plug.)

Tell your friends to go see Open Season this weekend. Fun movie &
great visuals. Look for Apryl's HUGE credit at the end. Annnnnd, as
an added bonus, you can get a sneak peak at of my current project,
Surf's Up.

go here for more info:

OK - so now if you were looking for a reason to see the movie, now you can say you know two of the artists! I will probably sneak out this week if anyone want to join me for a matinee.

Seriously though, I am proud of you man! It feels like just yesterday when we were all commuting into the city lugging our art supplies for school. :)

And one more shameless plug.

This one is for my friend Dan Havlik.

Dan Havlik is writer and editor in the photo industry who has written profiles of the some of the country's leading professional commercial and wedding photographers. He recently launched his own freelance writing company called "Havlik Industries" and currently writes for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites covering everything from reviews of the latest digital cameras, camcorders and printers, to technology trend pieces and general assignment feature stories on creative professionals. Some of his work is featured on his newly launched website:

Havlik Industries

It is always fun hanging out with him because he is usually sporting the newest gadget he needs to write about. From cameras that can go underwater to discussions about the newest software. I know a few of my clients are in the "technology" business, so if you need a good writer - Dan's the man! :)

Of course, these shots of my friend Dan Derella (Photos taken by Dan Havlik) are priceless from Dan's last article.

Of course, I think Derella has the coolest job of them all. He works for the associated press in their sports department. He has had the opportunity to travel all over the world covering sports events. Here are a few shots he sent us from the World cup in Germany this summer. Now that is a BIG lens!

I should also give him credit for my "big lens" shot, which, in my opinion every photographer needs. :) Thanks Dan!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay! I'll be sure to forward your site to the Sony Pictures Animation staff.


12:12 PM  

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