Saturday, October 14, 2006


Wise, compassionate, ambitious, and incredibly talented are just a few words I can use to describe Joe Busssink.

I am back from spending 4 days @ his workshop. I knew I would come home inspired by him and my new friends who were also at the workshop. (More on them later because I can't say enough about them!) I am not sure how, but Joe touched each one of us individually. And in speaking with the gang before leaving, I know we will each benefit from Joe's tutelage in ways that haven't even sunk in yet.

On the first day of shooting, he told us that we were only allowed to bring one lens with us. I have to admit I said to myself "Is this guy for real? I just spent $xxxx dollars on a shooting workshop and he tells me I can only use one lens!?" :) I was floored!

I decided to take his "challenge" and use it as best I could. I grabbed the most difficult lens for the situation, and off we went.... About 10 minutes into arriving at our location I sighed to myself thinking my lens choice was going to be a disaster. Here is a shot of Joe (taken by Melissa Schwartz - Thanks!) giving me a little encouragement.

At the end of the day, I was really happy with my decision.

Feeling inspired by having to "see" differently, I decided to really try to push myself again on Day 2. I took the shortest lens I had (which is the complete opposite of the previous day). Here are a few of those shots...

On my way home I was thinking that if I had to come up with one word to describe what I came away with - it would have to be VISION. The ablity to "see" in different ways - in our photography, our businesses and our lives.

Thanks Joe!


Blogger Christopher Duggan said...

Hey Jason,
Good for you, expanding your VISION! Sounds like an awesome weekend. Show us more!


5:00 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

How very cool! I've got to hear more about it. Jeff

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Luke Walker said...

gotta say, my first response was that he was a little crazy as well. especially knowing you went and got the 300mm!! but after digesting it for a second i loved the idea, and i really think the people who embrassed it were able to take some things out of it. big time props to you j, as was said many times there, for creating some bitching stuff in less than ideal circumstances.

6:14 PM  

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