Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thanks for dinner Nicole and Scott!

Wednesday afternoon I tagged along with Luke Walker for an engagement shoot he had planned. He knows I love the park, so he asked if I wanted to show him around a little and share some of my Central Park knowledge. I knew it was going to be a nice day, and I have been putting in some crazy hours at the studio trying to catch up, so I was glad he called! Thanks for the welcomed diversion. :)

We met up with Nicole and Scott at the Bethesda fountain, and enjoyed what turned out to be an AWESOME day! The skies and clouds were AMAZING! Afterwards, we took a ride into Hoboken on the ferry, and then for some tasty mexican food. Those margaritas were awesome!!

Here are a few of the shots - thanks again for dinner, maybe I will see you guys at your wedding in May! Here are a few shots, be sure to check Luke's blog for more!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

One - More - Song!!

From the moment the music started the dance floor was packed! Right until the very last song the crowd chanted, ONE - MORE - SONG! I am pretty sure the night did not end there, this crowd looked ready to dance till dawn!

Teresa and George - these are for you, I know you are leaving for your honeymoon soon and I promised some you some shots before you left! Thanks for an awesome day, I can't wait to share the rest with you guys! Have a great trip!

Thank you Brian and Tom!

Last night I had the pleasure to have Brian Dorsey and Tom Weis with me. Tom has been shooting with me now almost 3 years - I cant believe it! Thank you Tom!

Brian and I met earlier this year at a networking group we belong to and have become fast friends. I am a big fan of his work, so it was awesome having him guest shoot with me at Teresa and George's wedding. Of course, it was no surprise to see him come up with some AMAZING shots. Thank you Brian!

Here is just a few of Brian's - don't forget to check out his blog too!

Here is a few of Tom's shots - I wish I could give you his blog link, but for some reason he doesn't have one! :)

OK - the pressure worked - here is Tom's blog.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mylanchi ceremony

Tonight I had the honor of shooting Teresas' Mylanchi ceremony. If you have never attended one the purpose of the ceremony is the "beautification" of the bride. Here is the full definition of what I found online -

"My-lanchi Ideel" - Beautification of the palms and feet of bride by the leaves from "Mylanch" shrub on the eve of marriage. This signifies the purification of hands and feet from the original sin committed by Adam and Eve.

Oh - and a few teasers from this evening - I will have lots more running on a slideshow at the wedding, so make sure to look for it!

From what I understand George wasn't supposed to be there, but I guess they made an exception. :)

Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

Monday, September 18, 2006

BFF :)

I have not photographed a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in about 3 years - as a matter a fact, the last one was not since Sara's brother Russel's party. Fortunately, the weather was a little nicer - Russel's party was during the blizzard of 2003! I will have to dig those shots out at some point. :)

Sara danced with her friends from the moment the party started, till the last second of the day. The party was complete with an old fashioned photo booth, a CD recording studio, magicians and dancers. Sara's day was all about "best friends forever", so I thought these pictures would be appropriate.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Destination Poconos!

Yesterday, I had the privilege to photograph Laura and Sierras' wedding. Laura is also a wedding photographer and I have never shot for such a close peer before - no pressure there! :)

The wedding was at the Shawnee Inn - The resort is a throw back to the 50's, where the Rat Pack, Jackie Gleason and Bob Hope used to hang out. Laura had every detail taken care of - beautiful lanterns and flowers stretched across the massive tent on the banks of the Delaware river.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Who needs daylight?

When there is always plenty of "daylight" to work with in NYC! :)

After having to reschedule Teresa and George's engagement shoot twice because of the weather, we finally had a beautiful night. We don't have as much time in the evening now because it is getting darker much earlier, but I love shooting at night in the city. Of course, it presents a little more of a challenge, but the result is always so cool! :)

Last night we walked around the West Village (part of the meat packing district) and Chelsea. I am looking forward to their wedding day in just a few weeks!!

Here is a link to their slideshow!

Teresa and George's engagement shoot

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A view of the stars.

Early Friday morning I packed my clothes, battery chargers, cables, hard drives, PDA, cell phone, laptop, and oh yeah, my camera gear into the car. First stop, Ithaca, NY where I picked my buddy Luke Walker for his wedding up in Alexandria Bay, also known as the Heart of the 1,000 islands. Of course he added several more bags of clothes, cables, laptops, hard drives and oh yeah, his camera gear too. :) He plugged in our first coordinates into his new toy, a Tom Tom GPS navigator. We checked into our hotel, changed our clothes, and off to the rehearsal dinner for Sarah and Ians' wedding. The weather forecast had predicted for showers and rain to start that evening, but it turned out to be a beautiful night with an amazing view of the stars. During dinner Sarah and Ian introduced us to their bridal party which included several of his Army buddies, who wore their dress uniforms the next day.

Here are just a few of the shots which include these amazing boats. Make sure you check out Luke's blog for more of his shots.

This is my favorite - Sarah's veil flying perfectly out over the boat, while Ian takes a moment to relax.

Congratulations Sarah and Ian - thanks for letting me part of your day, I had a blast!

A view from the stars.

I woke up early Sunday morning - looked out the window to find it was still raining. I was really looking forward to photographing Jamie and Jeffreys' wedding at the Pegasus room on the 64th floor of Rockefeller Center. Fortunately, as we got closer to the city the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful night! We arrived as Serge Normant (hair) and Carlo Geraci (Make-up) were finishing up and we ran downstairs for a couple of quick shots.

Then back upstairs for the ceremony and reception -

We had hoped we would be able to find the time for a couple of night shots out on the street. I am so glad we did - we had so much fun with it!!

Make sure to look for the slideshow soon and don't forget to visit Luke's blog and Carlos' blog for more of their pictures up in the stars. You guys are the best!!

Congratulations Jamie and Jeffrey - thanks for an awesome day!