Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thank you Brian and Tom!

Last night I had the pleasure to have Brian Dorsey and Tom Weis with me. Tom has been shooting with me now almost 3 years - I cant believe it! Thank you Tom!

Brian and I met earlier this year at a networking group we belong to and have become fast friends. I am a big fan of his work, so it was awesome having him guest shoot with me at Teresa and George's wedding. Of course, it was no surprise to see him come up with some AMAZING shots. Thank you Brian!

Here is just a few of Brian's - don't forget to check out his blog too!

Here is a few of Tom's shots - I wish I could give you his blog link, but for some reason he doesn't have one! :)

OK - the pressure worked - here is Tom's blog.


Anonymous Tom Weis said...

Hey Jason, thank-YOU for the shout-out. This was a really wonderful wedding. Your blog looks great, and yes, I really need to start my own! Tom

10:50 PM  

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