Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Please don't burn the fudge!

I'm back after another quick trip out west - one of these days maybe I'll be able to stay and enjoy the beautiful California coast. Fortunately, this time IT DID NOT RAIN! :)

These days, I have been flying in and out of Newark and since it's one Continental's hubs, they have the most flights to offer. With the exception of my trip to Santa Fe, most of my trips have been very uneventful. As a matter of fact this time we landed in Newark 40 minutes early! Unheard of! :)

However - midway through on my last three flights, a strong odor of burning fudge would come wafting through the aircraft. About ten minutes later one of the flight attendants would make an announcement that everything was OK, they just burned the hot fudge in the first class cabin. Now that's just cruel! :)

I'll be posting quite a bit this week as I catch up, and I just had to share a few of these "teaser" shots from Ashlee and Mac's wedding. Amazing details, Ashlee's Vera Wang gown, THE biggest tent I have ever seen, and an incredible view are just a few of the pictures I'll share here..... Make sure to check my friend Colin Michael's blog for more of these details!

Colin - big time thanks for coming out! I also want to thank Julia Newman for joining us, always a pleasure hanging with you guys!!

As always - slideshow coming soon!!!


Blogger John said...

sweet images, Jason! Is that a circus-size tent? LOL Weddings like these with tons of detail make me drool. How do you burn hot chocolate when it's probably instant? Too funny.

6:37 PM  
Blogger CaVa said...

Hey Jay, Awesome, Awesome images!!! The colors, the crop everything is just right!
cheers buddy!

11:09 AM  
Blogger Garrett Nudd Photography said...

These are a BEAUTIFUL set of images! Best wishes this week for an outstanding workshop. Looking forward to catching up after it's over. Cheers!

6:01 AM  

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