Monday, September 10, 2007

Congratulations CH-AMY!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Amy and Chapin's wedding at her parents home in NJ. When one of Amy's sister's gave her toast, she mentioned that she is finally happy to announce that CHAMY (Chapin and Amy) are officially wed. I thought that was cute. :)

Here's a few shots from the day!

This last shot is from Timco who was finally able to connect with me for a wedding. He told me that has traveled almost 200,00 miles this year shooting weddings. Wow!

It was great seeing you and spending some time hanging out. Looking forward to seeing you in Ocotber!

I also want to thank Ryan Jensen who also joined me. Ryan will also be joining the REVOLUTION in October - looking forward to it! Thanks again you guys!

As always - stay tuned for the slideshow! :)


Blogger Tim Co. said...

Hey Jason!
Thanks so much for the invite - it was an incredible wedding and its so great to experience a true NY Jason Groupp wedding. Ch-Amy a big congrats to you as well, I really enjoyed being part of your day :-).

See you in a couple weeks my friend. On a plane now to LAX - yes the 200,000 miles thing is true!

-Tim Co.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous luke walker said...

beautiful stuff man. i have to hear how things went with the timco-groupp experience!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Chapin said...

'Ch-amy' is finally back from the honeymoon and we wanted to thank you for helping to make our day so special! We are extactic at how everything has turned out and really appreciate your efforts (and more specifically, your patience) on such a crazy, hectic and HOT day. We can't thank you enough!!!!!
All the best,
Chapin & Amy (aka 'Ch-amy')

2:03 PM  

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