Monday, August 06, 2007


Quick update as I have been getting a ton of emails regarding this last post. This comment was left on my blog by "anonymous" a few minutes ago:

Anonymous said...

After checking out Bridal Hood, Project Wedding, and Our Wedding Day, it appears that only Project Wedding tries to "profit" from your information with ads. The other two websites does not. And only Project Wedding has an image for your listing, which could have been stolen or added by the bride that added a review for you. On Bridal Hood, they had no image associated with your listing and it looks like they only use images uploaded by the photographers themselves.

For the record - yes - that image was lifted directly off my blog and the "review" that was posted was lifted right from this link here. That review from the knot is almost 3 years old and I know my bride didn't post it on this other site.

So I am to assume that these guys are doing it for fun or out of the goodness of their hearts? This may be true, but I am sure it will be just a matter of time before they put out the "sandwich board" on the sidewalk and ask us to "come on in" or "get in on the ground floor" of this amazing website.

I just want to say that I am not posting this because I am mad, as a matter of fact I am flattered! However - I'd love to work with them personally - ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS ASK! I just can't offer something I don't know about. :)


Blogger JenDavis said...

Wow Jason.. so funny! Who knew this "fake wedding website" thing would go so far!

Well, like you said.. more links to your site can only be a good thing :)

10:23 AM  

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