Sunday, November 25, 2007

From Harvard Square to Stockton Center

I've really enjoyed exchanging emails with Jessica since she first contacted me last January for her October wedding. Here's an excerpt from her first email to me....

We're having a relatively casual, outdoor, autumn wedding, with S'mores instead of cake (oooh - fire pits at night, photographic challenge
maybe!) and lots of other non-traditional twists. The reception is
under a heated tent. We are looking for a photographer with a
journalistic style, who will document the day as it really happens.
Someone who isn't going to put us through a rigid pre-set pattern of
prom-style posed photos. Know what I mean? :-)

I knew from that email I would enjoy working with this couple. From the stroll we took around Boston for their engagement shoot till their wedding day I've truly enjoyed their company.

Jessica and Miles knew exactly what they wanted their wedding day to look like, and I think they did an awesome job of putting it all together. I hope I was able to capture their vision of the day in which I often got caught up in the emotion and love they have for each other....

I want to thank my buddy John Schafer who joined me and captured some beautiful moments.

Click the image below for the slideshow! Thanks Jessica and Miles for including me on your wedding day!


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Beautiful photos...

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