Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jennifer and Scott

Last week, I met Jen and Scott in Central Park for their engagement session. Another amazing fall day that we didn't want to end because it was just too nice!

While I am always looking for fun and beautiful shots of my clients, I always find it important to capture "them". It's that ONE shot that really depicts their personality as a couple. How do I know it's their shot? Usually I get a good sense when I am asking questions in our meetings, through emails, and as we walk around talking about their wedding day. That's why I love getting to know each client of mine, so by the wedding day I KNOW when I got "that shot".

Some are better than others, but I just LOVE this image below of Jennifer and Scott - I think it really is "them". I hope I'm right! :)

Click on the image to see their slideshow.

As promised -- more blog entries coming!


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