Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Ariana and Dan's wedding was a few weeks ago in Salem, Ma. and the witches hats fit right in! :)

Phoebe will be handing out the treats later she's very excited!

Friday, October 26, 2007

More sweet light!

My posts have been a little "wordy" lately so I'm keeping this one short....sweet, soft, beautiful light from Jessica and Miles wedding.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something about the light..

There's something about the light this time of year that I love.......mixed with the colors of the fall, it can be so beautiful! This is a great time for your engagement session, so make sure to schedule your shoots soon!

Here's a couple of quick teasers from Ariana and Dan's wedding in Salem, MA a few weeks ago. Big time thanks to James Federico (AKA - The Fed) for helping me out!

Check back next week for the slideshow!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A couch and a camera.

.....blogging a little backwards this week, because I just had to share this slideshow. Last Wednesday night, TJ and I hosted my 3rd annual Pre Photo-Plus Expo party . When this show is in town, photographers from near and far travel to check out all the hottest gadgets, cameras, and software the industry has to offer. These "get-togethers" only happen a few times a year, and only once in NYC, so it would be rude if someone didn't welcome them to town. :)

This year thanks to the generosity of GraphiStudio we debuted the "Graphi-Tini", which I'm sure will now also become an annual tradition.

It was certainly a night to remember with over 200 people filtering in an out over the evening. At one point I looked around and was so psyched to see such a diverse crowd of the industries most amazing photographers. We were also happy to entertain Skip Cohen from Rangefinder/WPPI, Alice Miller from Studio Photography, Dan Havlik from PDN, and my friends from all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil who run FHOX.

Of course, the VIP's for the evening were the amazing crew who attended the REVOLUTION, we had such a blast this week photographing all over the city. During the evening Ryan was kind enough to set up a slideshow of the images everyone took. Thanks man! I'll be adding some of those shots to the REVO blog soon, so make sure to check it out!

So - what happens when you leave a camera and a remote trigger in a room full of photographers? Almost 300 pictures! :) This is a HUGE slideshow so be patient as it will take a few minutes to load! Don't miss the last photos of Becker, Jessica Claire, Fred Egan, Mike Larson, and Sara France having some fun with gourds. NIIICCEE.

Amber, this ones for you. :) Nice to FINALLY meet you.

Click the photo below of the REVOLUTION crew letting off a little steam for the camera. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Party for two!

...or 400! :)

What a spectacular day! Ashlee and Mac's wedding was a blast from beginning to end. The day started with everyone in the bridal suite dancing and singing and later was followed by not only dancing, but swinging!

No detail was left untouched as you'll see in the slideshow below. From the Scottish kilts to the sword Ashlee and Mac used to cut the beautiful cake, this was a night to remember.

Many thanks to Marne at Gracious Thyme for making sure the day went off with out a hitch! Of course, I must send out one more shout to Colin Michael and Julia Newman for their help!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

World on a string.

You could almost feel the sweat on Chapin's palms in the photo below. :) It makes me so happy when I grab shots like this! The expression on Chapin's mom's face along with the little boy are priceless. It's that moment when ALL the months of planning come together in an instant. LOVE IT!

From their wedding song, to the dancing, to the impromptu performance of "Amy" by Chapin and the band --- leaves me no doubt that these two for sure have "The World on a String". Thanks for a great day!

Please click the image below for their slideshow!

Of course, no day would be such a success without the talented photographers who join me on my weddings. I was fortunate to have both Ryan Jensen and the world traveled Timco with me. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Please don't burn the fudge!

I'm back after another quick trip out west - one of these days maybe I'll be able to stay and enjoy the beautiful California coast. Fortunately, this time IT DID NOT RAIN! :)

These days, I have been flying in and out of Newark and since it's one Continental's hubs, they have the most flights to offer. With the exception of my trip to Santa Fe, most of my trips have been very uneventful. As a matter of fact this time we landed in Newark 40 minutes early! Unheard of! :)

However - midway through on my last three flights, a strong odor of burning fudge would come wafting through the aircraft. About ten minutes later one of the flight attendants would make an announcement that everything was OK, they just burned the hot fudge in the first class cabin. Now that's just cruel! :)

I'll be posting quite a bit this week as I catch up, and I just had to share a few of these "teaser" shots from Ashlee and Mac's wedding. Amazing details, Ashlee's Vera Wang gown, THE biggest tent I have ever seen, and an incredible view are just a few of the pictures I'll share here..... Make sure to check my friend Colin Michael's blog for more of these details!

Colin - big time thanks for coming out! I also want to thank Julia Newman for joining us, always a pleasure hanging with you guys!!

As always - slideshow coming soon!!!