Friday, March 24, 2006

Greetings from sunny California!

Elizabeth and I met up (she was in LA for business) in California for a quick trip up the Coast. Two years ago we drove from San Diego to San Francisco (along Route 1) stopping at Hearst Castle. Unfortunately, on that trip it rained almost the entire 4 day trip up Route one. On top of everything else they closed tours to the castle due to high winds -- just as we pulled into the parking lot. Elizabeth was very disappointed that we didn't get to go last time so this trip was all about the tour to the castle. At least she didn't make me watch the I-Max movie again. If you have not been there it is an amazing place and a spectacular drive! Here are a few photos from today, check back later for more...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You never know when it comes to kids.

When it comes to photographing children in wedding parties you never know what to expect, especially when they walk down the aisle. In some cases they might run, throwing the rose petals as fast as they can - while other times they may freeze at the end of the aisle and require a little coaxing.

In Scott and Juli's wedding, something happened that was a first for me. They were having their Nephews and Nieces walking together as brother and sister pairs. Luke and I were both shooting when we noticed this little guy carrying his sister down the aisle in some sort of modified "headlock". The crazy part was that when I began I editing their images I noticed he had stopped, and posed for Luke even with his sister still in the headlock!! How funny is that last photo? Later - I found out his sister was scared and he was "protecting" her by covering her eyes! What a great brother! :) I think this is might be one of my favorite "captured moments" ever! More to come - check back later.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thanks Luke!

As a Photographer I look for inspiration from all aspects of my life. Sometimes, they can come from out of nowhere, like this box of Doughnuts, Luke must have taken a picture of Saturday morning as we were packing up my gear. I thought nothing of it at first, and left it on my flash card. Later that day I was viewing some of my images of Juli and Scott and this image popped up. For some reason I found the composition really pleasing, and decided to challenge myself that day to really look for that same random composition.

Luke Walker has also been one of those sources of inspiration I never expected. We met through another Photographer (Tom Contrino) who has a studio downstairs from me. Tom called me and said he had just interviewed a "kid" who I might be interested in. He came upstairs and we chatted for a while. Immediately, I was impressed at how motivated and ambitious he was for only 22 years old, so I quickly asked him to join me as one of my second Photographers on shoots. He explained how he had his own studio in upstate NY, but that when he was free he would love to join me as a learning experience.

Since then, Luke and I have become great friends with an open exchange for ideas, knowledge and inspirations. However - I am not sure who the "kid" is, because I learn just as much from him as he does me.

Here are a few shots of Luke Chimping (definition below) at last nights wedding. Thanks for everything Luke!

"Chimping" n:

the act of constantly using the display on the back of a digital camera to
review the photos one is taking. Named for the sounds made by its
practitioners, for example, "Oh oh oh ooh ooh ooh look at this one!"

Juli and Scott

A few more photos from Scott and Juli's wedding last night at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson. The views from the top of this hotel are spectacular, with beautiful sunlight during the day and moonbeams at night. In the first photo Scott and Juli meet for their first kiss, check back later for more!

Not even a missing Prayer book...

....could stop Juli and Scott's wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony over looking the NYC skyline, complete with an almost full moon.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Stanton Social

Only a few steps from their first kiss was Juli and Scott's engagement party. Here are a few pictures from tonight's party - check back tomorrow for some Photos from the Wedding!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

There is always one Joker!

Some people just love to get their picture taken. You have to love that girl who sticks her head in the shot. Here are a few more from Tuesday's shoot.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Laura and Scott

What great weather I have been having for this time of year! Here are a few shots from today's shoot - more tomorrow!