Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You never know when it comes to kids.

When it comes to photographing children in wedding parties you never know what to expect, especially when they walk down the aisle. In some cases they might run, throwing the rose petals as fast as they can - while other times they may freeze at the end of the aisle and require a little coaxing.

In Scott and Juli's wedding, something happened that was a first for me. They were having their Nephews and Nieces walking together as brother and sister pairs. Luke and I were both shooting when we noticed this little guy carrying his sister down the aisle in some sort of modified "headlock". The crazy part was that when I began I editing their images I noticed he had stopped, and posed for Luke even with his sister still in the headlock!! How funny is that last photo? Later - I found out his sister was scared and he was "protecting" her by covering her eyes! What a great brother! :) I think this is might be one of my favorite "captured moments" ever! More to come - check back later.


Anonymous Luke Walker said...

what a great brother is right! not only was he protecting his sister but he even stops to pose for the photographer. LOL oh man he had the whole wedding cracking up (as evident by everyone in the background). good stuff!!!

8:24 PM  

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