Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bubble tea has caffeine in it!

So I am sitting in bed last night at 3AM wondering why I cannot fall asleep. I was up early, exercised, worked all day, and then met Laura and Sierra in Chinatown for their engagement shoot - I should be exausted! Then it hits me, bubble tea has caffeine in it, that's why I can't sleep! :)

If you have never had one of these here is a picture (I grabbed from Wikipedia) - they are awesome! Bubble tea is a tea beverage with tapioca balls mixed in. The Chinese name for bubble tea translates to "Pearl milk tea" (Traditional Chinese:珍珠奶茶). When tea is shaken, a thin layer of bubbles forms on the surface.

Oh - and of course a few photos of Laura and Sierra.

They have a fun wedding planned out in the Poconos next month, although I have to admit I am a little nervous. In all the years I have been shooting weddings it has never been for a fellow peer! Make sure you visit her website (Mazy Weddings) - I am so jealous of all the fun destination weddings she has done!

Here's a link to their slideshow - Laura and Sierra in Chinatown


Blogger PhotobyChrisLee said...

Bubble tea wasn't called bubble tea until somebody in Taichung, Taiwan decided to mix some tapioca in it. The pearl or the bubble is the tapioca.


6:45 PM  
Anonymous crazymazy said...

OMG!!! We were up all night too-(From the caffiene silly people!)

FIRST OFF, I can not thank Jason enough for the speeding turn around on our pics. Talk about amazing instant gradification! IT WAS SO, SO FUN getting the slideshow the next day! Everyone said it looked like a commercial for sex in the city! tee hee I was so excited the next day,I felt famous- who knew I was such a girl?!?!?!?

1:41 PM  

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