Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jen and Joe

Saturday afternoon I helped my good friend Roberto Falck out with a wedding he was shooting in Queens. I was so excited to shoot in the park where the unisphere was! My parents first apartment was not too far from there and remember seeing it from our apartment window. Thanks Roberto for letting me join you at this fun party! It was great watching you work! Be sure to check Roberto's blog for more - he also had a mini-studio set up where people could take their own photos during the party. I hope he posts some of those, it was fun to watch!


Blogger Rob said...

Hey Jason, It's me Rob from NYPUG. I was talking to my niece tonight and asking her how was the wedding she was in this weekend. She kept going on about how great the photographer was. As she talked about him and said his name I just laughed. It was you and Roberto. Great work Jason

9:50 PM  

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