Monday, July 17, 2006

Sharing with my clients.

As photographers, we are always are looking towards new technology to embrace as a way of sharing images with our clients.  Of course, the blog has given us a great way to communicate with the world....

At some point during the reception (if you wish), I can create a very quick slideshow.  This will run on my laptop (very low-key) usually near the bar or the band.   Nothing has given me more pleasure than watching my brides and grooms viewing these first images, their expressions are priceless!

Then, just hours after the wedding I will blog a few shots from that day. These will usually be some unique shots in which I try to show the emotion of the day.  The great thing about all this new technology is it gives me the ability to show you my work in rockin' speed!  How great is that?

My favorite new indulgence however is the online slideshows.  About one week after the wedding I will create a show of my favorite images - like this one from  Aimee and Gene's slideshow.   While it was pretty hot for July they could not have asked for a more beautiful ceremony and a cool enough night to do all that dancing! Best of all - they are web based so EVERYONE with even the worst connection can view it!

Here's one from their rehearsal dinner.


Blogger Christopher Duggan said...

Hey JG,

I love how on top of this stuff you are and how well you are introducing it to your clients. Can I steal a few ideas?

Great work.


1:07 PM  

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