Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Sara!

With a hot breeze blowing and my darkest pair of shades, Sara, Barnaby and I headed out on one of NYC's cheapest boat rides. The Staten Island ferry is one of the greatest little known secrets in NY - it's free! The boat leaves the south tip of Manhattan and is about a 20 minute ride across NY harbor past lady Liberty where it then docks at St. Georges, Staten Island. During the ride I grabbed some shots and we discussed their wedding plans, then on to some shots in downtown Manhattan. If you have never taken the ferry it's a must do! Oh - and it was Sara's birthday - happy birthday Sara! I LOVE this shot of them in the Bodega - you guys had me laughing all day! :)

Slideshow coming soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason, looks great and I am looking forward to the slide show. My Mom was so impressed with your photos that she wants to use one for our rehearsal dinner invite. Cheers, Barnaby

3:31 PM  

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