Sunday, June 25, 2006

Crisscrossing the Tri-State.

My quiet weekend ended up being the complete opposite when I had a chance to work with two amazing photographers.

My friend Brian Dorsey called me to see if I could help him out with a huge wedding on Saturday he was shooting. After a traditional Greek Mass in Queens, the bride and groom celebrated their reception at Manhattan's legendary Waldorf=Astoria. Let me tell you - even with 450 guests, the Grand Ballroom still seemed roomy! Brian and his wife, Celeste, did an amazing job of creating slide shows that were projected during the wedding. They updated them throughout the night which was no small feat with a wedding of this size! I shot some great pics from the ballroom balcony as the party went into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

My alarm clock rang just a few hours later on Sunday and I made my way out to Eastern PA. I was so excited to be able to hook up with Garrett and Joy Nudd while they were shooting a wedding at the Mountain Springs Lake Resort. Since I'm not in Orlando often (more on that later), I thought this was a great chance for us to finally meet in person. Unfortunately, the weather was not so cooperative and forced us to shoot inside all day. I enjoyed watching Garrett making great shots in places I never would have thought to look. Thanks for the inspiration!


Anonymous Alisha said...

Great Stuff J Snizzle! Glad you made it down there, I know you were really busy!

6:55 PM  

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