Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Slideshows!

Last night I was able to hook up with one of my favorite photo friends, David Jay, from Santa Barbara. He is also the creator of one of my favorite new tools in the last ten years. It's not a camera - or even a lens. It's his slideshow software which is the best tool I have had in years and allows me to share my photographs with you so quickly. Oh - DJ is a great photographer too. :)

DJ was in New Jersey speaking at a PPANJ conference about how he balances his life with his business. For my photographer friends, if you've never met him, don’t miss the opportunity meet hims when he is in your town!

Here's a photo from dinner. From left to right -

John Schafer, Me, Vanessa Joy Scavone, Brett Austin and of course, David Jay.

Click here to see the new version of DJ's slideshow. The best part of the new software is it allows me to create a DVD of your slideshow for you to keep! If you are one of my past clients and would like a DVD of your slideshow, please let me know!

Great seeing - and meeting -- all of you!


Blogger Heyn Photography: Vanessa and Marissa said...

Hey! There we are on a picture! :-)

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