Thursday, February 16, 2006

Meet Maya.

Maya came to visit me in the studio yesterday (look at that face!!) with her Mom Ophira, one of my favorite clients. Here are a couple of photos from Ophira and Joram's wedding three years ago.

We were going over some final prints for her Mom's album (Maya's grandmother) - three years later you ask? Well sometimes time gets away from us. :) As a small studio I love being able to give each client the personal attention they need, even years later.

While we were going through the prints, Ophira asked when I was going to start doing family pictures? I smiled and said funny you should ask, that I had been been doing some thinking about it. She mentioned I should check out her Blog, Maya's Papaya where she had done some research on Photographers and other fun stuff. I look forward to seeing more pictures of Maya there, maybe they will be mine!

I would love to hear everyone thoughts (especially past clients of mine) on this topic!


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